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Tri-Fold Tatami Sleeping Mat - WAZA
Tri-Fold Tatami Sleeping Mat - WAZA
Tri-Fold Tatami Sleeping Mat - WAZA
R 4,500

Tri-Fold Tatami Sleeping Mat



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The tri-fold tatami sleeping mat is made of natural Japanese igusa rush, the same as used to make traditional tatami floor coverings. Igusa has many unique properties. The overlapping honeycomb-like hexagonal structures found inside each stalk allows igusa to absorb formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and unwanted odours. Igusa is also a deodorizer as it contains phytoncides - antimicrobial organic compounds - which emit a natural, grassy fragrance, to freshen the air. Igusa is 2.5 times as moistureabsorbent as cotton.

This sleeping mat folds into thirds and can therefore be stored easily. It is large enough to use as support for a single futon for an adult, or when traveling. The backing is 10mm thick polyester and the igusa top is grown in Japan. 

Dimensions (unfolded): 210cm x 100cm

Total thickness: 15mm

Weight: 3.5kg


The motto of IKEHIKO Co. is to “make life delightful”. The company is based in Fukuoka Prefecture and was established in 1886. IKEHIKO specialises in home applications for igusa, the Japanese rush used in homes for centuries. The company's products convey igusa's traditional charms, while being suited to contemporary lifestyles and modern homes.