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UJI Gyokuro Green Tea (70g)
UJI Gyokuro Green Tea (70g)
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UJI Gyokuro Green Tea (70g)



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Gyokuro is a premium Japanese green tea that is grown under shade cloth for the final weeks leading up to the annual tea harvest. The shading process reduces the catechin content and the result is a green tea with a strong umami flavour that can be brewed at different temperatures. Because of this umami flavour, gyokuro is often served in smaller tea pots and cups. The tea leaves are also steamed and rolled like sencha.

The Uji region is part of Kyoto Prefecture and is one of Japan's most renowned regions for growing premium quality teas.

  • Net package weight: 70g
  • Contents: Loose leaf gyokuro shade cloth grown tea

Gyokuro can be prepared in different ways (a recommended serving for an 80ml teapot is 8g of tea):

  1. If lukewarm 40-50° water is used, steep the tea for two minutes for a broth-like and umami taste.
  2. For more of a green tea flavour, use 60-80°C water and steep for 60 to 90 seconds.
  3. For ice tea, prepare 10g of tea leaves with 200ml of water. Add ice and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes.

The package includes English instructions.


    KYOEISEICHA (Kyoei Tea Co., Ltd.) traces its history back to the establishment of the Morihan Teahouse in Uji Ogura in 1836. With the business establishment Kyoei Tea Co., Ltd. by Morihan Tea Factory and Matsumotoken Tea Shop in 1940, the business became an important pioneer in both tea production and research. In 2019 the Kyoto Techno Center became a newly established base for tea research and development. The company motto is "trusted quality" and this is found across its range of teas and confectionary products.