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Yuzu Kosho
Yuzu Kosho
Yuzu Kosho
Yuzu Kosho
R 130

Yuzu Kosho

JA Agricultural Cooperative

Size 50g pot

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Yuzu kosho is a versatile Japanese condiment that blends yuzu citrus, salt and chilli pepper. The kanji 柚子胡椒 roughly translates as "yuzu pepper" and it is popular for use with oden, hot pot, pasta, sashimi or seared meats like yakitori. It can even be blended to make a salad dressing with yoghurt. Its popularity comes from its versatility in both Japanese and other cuisines. We have two sizes available

  • Small pot: 50g
  • Bulk pack (available to restaurants): 2kg

Yuzu kosho's Japanese origin is in the western island of Kyushu. The Sato-no-Yuzu brand is produced on Japan's 4th largest island, Shikoku, known for its quality yuzu products, by the JA agricultural co-operative, which strives to enhance farmers' livelihoods. The name "Sato-no-yuzu" references a village / your home town and origins / the countryside.

To read more, see this 2016 Bon Appetit article: "Meet Yuzu Kosho, the Secret Weapon Condiment Chefs Are Putting On Everything"