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Yuzu Marmalade
Yuzu Marmalade
Yuzu Marmalade
Yuzu Marmalade
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Yuzu Marmalade



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Yunoki Gochi Everything-but-seeds Yuzu Marmalade is made from pesticide-free yuzu fruit grown in the Yuzuki Kawachi area in the Kuma District of Kumamoto Prefecture. The whole fruits, except for seeds, are pulped and pureed using a chinois to get the most from the natural pectin. Hand-cut pieces of peel are added to offer a bittersweet taste.

Use it like any marmalade - on toast, with yoghurt, or add to cooked and vinegar based dishes. No food additives or preservatives are used.

  • Ingredients: Yuzu from Yamae Village, Kumamoto Prefecture & granulated sugar
  • Gross weight: 240g
  • Expiration date: See the bottom of the jar. Shelf life when unopened is 12 months from date of manufacture.
  • Storage: Keep at room temperature and avoid direct sun light. Refrigerate after opening.
  • Allergies: The production line also processes soybean products.


KUMAGAWA ARTISANS is based in the Hitoyoshi Kuma Region in the southern part of Kyushu island. The region is known for the Kumagawa river, surrounded by fertile lands historically used for rice cultivation. There are many hidden artisanal treasures in the region and Kumagawa Artisans was formed to showcase these and introduce them to the world. For this reason the company logo also represents a traditional Japanese wooden boat, which was used to transport both people and goods to other parts of Japan.