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100% Yuzu Juice
100% Yuzu Juice
R 380

100% Yuzu Juice


Volume 300ml

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Yuzu is a Japanese citrus that is used to enhance the flavour of foods and is not usually eaten on its own. It has a distinctive bitter-sour taste, with hints of sweetness and umami. Yuzu peel or yuzu juice is typically used in cooking, or it is mixed with other ingredients, like in the case of yuzu kosho.

Tosameisankai is a company in Kochi Prefecture on Japan's Shikoku Island, which is the top yuzu producing region in Japan. It focuses on 100% pure citrus products and this yuzu juice is squeezed using the whole fruit, to ensure maximum flavour.

The juice is highly concentrated with a strong, fresh taste and fragrant aroma. It can therefore be used in small quantities to add to cooked foods, flavour ingredients like yoghurt, make salad dressings, baste fish or mix into cocktails. For a Japanese refined addition of citrus to baking or cooking, yuzu is a winner.


  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Shake before use
  • Since it is 100% fruit, the yuzu juice will form a little residue in the bottle as it is used.

The island of Shikoku is the smallest of Japan's four main islands and it is here in Kochi Prefecture that especially yuzu and buntan are cultivated. The representative director of Tosameisankai, Mr Kiyoshi Aoyama, is passionate about explaining the origin of the seed grown trees in his orchards, as well as introduce different cultivation and harvesting techniques.

For a Japanese language video featuring Ayoama san in his orchard, watch here.